Administrative Computing and Telecommunications
Disaster Recovery


ACT is responsible for providing a cost-effective and practical disaster recovery plan.


We are working toward developing a plan for restoring critical administrative computing and telecommunication services in accordance with the requirements of our business partners. The plan will be reviewed by the appropriate business partner management and will be tested annually. Recovery activities will be in concert with campus and university-wide guidelines relating to disaster recovery and business continuance.


The plan will be limited to restoration of critical processing from ACT servers to the Campus backbone connection in the event of a localized disaster that affects the ACT computing infrastructure.


  • ACT Infrastructure Teams are responsible for the development, maintenance, and annual review of disaster recovery activities that would restore the computing infrastructure.
  • ACT Infrastructure Teams are responsible for the development, maintenance and review of disaster recovery of specific applications.
  • ACT Telecommunications is responsible for the restoration of the campus voice, video, wireless, and data communications network.
  • ACT’s business partners are responsible for establishing manual procedures to be used until such time as the infrastructure is restored and for restoring their client workstations and connection to the campus backbone network.

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Revised October 12, 2009