Administrative Computing and Telecommunications
Financial Management


ACT is managed in a cost effective way under sound financial principles adhering to University policies.


Our budget is always balanced and monitored on a monthly basis. Our budget is prepared on an annual basis and presented in a consistent manner to the Vice Chancellor, External and Business Affairs and to the campus recharge committee. All exceptions to the planned budget must be coordinated and approved by the ACT Assistant Vice Chancellor.


All ACT budget, expenditures, recharges, equipment inventory, and other income sources are covered by this policy.


  • Assistant Vice Chancellor of ACT is responsible for the overall financial health of the department.
  • ACT Director of Budget and Finance is responsible for monitoring the ACT financial and inventory profiles and for reporting on them to ACT management.
  • ACT managers are responsible and accountable for their own equipment, budgets and expenditures.
  • ACT managers, in coordination with the Purchasing department and with the ACT Director of Budget and Finance, are responsible for negotiating best term agreements with hardware and software vendors.
  • ACT Director of Budget and Finance is responsible for preparing, negotiating, and executing recharge rates and agreements with ACT clients.

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