Administrative Computing and Telecommunications
Workplace Management


The ACT workplace is governed the UCSD Principles of Community and by the goals of staff excellence, empowerment, trust, and respect.


  • Personnel Management: All ACT employees receive a written evaluation once a year and receive ongoing feedback from managers/supervisors. All personnel actions must be reviewed and approved by the Assistant Vice Chancellor of ACT. To the degree possible, we are working toward compensating ACT staff based on industry market rates. Incentive awards and merits are determined and processed per University policies with higher rewards given to the most outstanding employees.

  • Alternative Work Schedules: ACT supports an Alternate work schedules environment that depends on job requirements and staff performance. ACT management is responsible for approving and monitoring alternate work schedules that may be revoked when circumstances change.

  • Training & Education: ACT staff are encouraged to pursue education and training activities. Individuals are responsible for their own career development plans. Whenever possible and affordable, ACT will allocate resources for staff training with first priority given to position-related requirements.

  • Purchasing and Payroll/Personnel Authorizations: Authority for executing ACT purchasing and personnel transactions is regulated and governed by the ACT Departmental Security Administrator (DSA). Official ACT Reviewers must check their incoming messages on a daily basis and they are held accountable for the validity and timeliness of the transactions.

  • External Communications: Official ACT correspondence and publications must be approved by the appropriate manager(s) before issuance.

  • University Policies and Audit: ACT adheres to University mandated policies and conforms to established administrative and data processing audit guidelines.

All ACT staff are covered by these policies.


  • Assistant Vice Chancellor of ACT is responsible for the overall setting of workplace policies.
  • Managers are responsible for recruiting, developing, evaluating, counseling, and termination of staff.
  • Administration and Personnel Manager is responsible for interfacing with campus administrative units, administering the administrative forms/systems, and communicating university policies and regulations.
  • ACT Data Center Director is responsible for coordinating and interfacing with the internal and external UCSD auditors.

Other ACT Policies